Treasure Beach gets state-of-the-art computer lab

first_imgRelatedTreasure Beach gets state-of-the-art computer lab Treasure Beach gets state-of-the-art computer lab TechnologyNovember 25, 2010 RelatedTreasure Beach gets state-of-the-art computer lab RelatedTreasure Beach gets state-of-the-art computer labcenter_img Advertisements FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail A state-of-the-art computer laboratory was opened in Treasure Beach, in St. Elizabeth on November 18, built by the Treasure Beach Women’s Group, with funding from the Universal Access Fund (UAF).At the opening of the facility, constructed at a cost of $2.5 million, co-founder and President of the Women’s Group, Celeste Anderson, told the gathering that it was built for the people of the area to contribute to their growth and long term development.“The computer lab can help with literacy and reading and the numeracy skills of our community, so that more people can get jobs. This is for those who have dropped out of school, and for others who don’t have enough skills to go on to university. We hope to be the agents of change that can take them from where they are to a level where they can now get a skill and go to university,” she said.Training will be provided at the laboratory, in conjunction with facilitators from the HEART Trust/NTA.Manager at the Black River-based HEART Vocational Training Centre, Delmarie Rowe-Lewis, said the new facility will provide training for persons who need it.“We want to ensure that our citizens are fully literate, and computer literate. We are in a global society driven by technology, so we embrace this vision with the Women’s Group and look forward to its success,” Mrs. Rowe-Lewis said.Manager of the St. Elizabeth office of the Social Development Commission (SDC), Sandra Gray-Emanuel said that, “this is part of our vision to ensure that every community has access to facilities such as this one. It also speaks to an attendant vision of empowering our citizenry, hence we laud the work of the Women’s Group, as they have added to the infrastructure of this community”.“This we believe will result in our nation moving forward – the concept of a Jamaica as a place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business,” the Manager said.Young member of the Women’s Group, Debbian James, said the computer laboratory “is a great project for the Treasure Beach community”.“It is an opportunity for persons to improve on their computer literacy skills, and for the entire community to have access to computer training,” she added.Managing Director of the UAF, Hugh Cross, highlighted the benefits of access to the Internet, as such access facilitates business development in its widest sense, and reduces energy and transportation costs.“It improves communication, both locally and world-wide; dramatically expands and enhances educational options, improves customer services, and generally improves the quality of life within the country,” he added.last_img read more

Meet Ted Winterer

first_imgDoes the solution to traffic require life be made easier or more difficult for drivers? Sunday pickup soccer, skiing and riding waves at the beach with my family. Neither. Instead one of several solutions to congestion is to make it easier for people who don’t want to drive to do so, as enabling a small percentage of drivers to instead use carbon-free or carbon-light modes of transportation will ease congestion. To what degree should Santa Monica integrate with the surrounding municipalities? How aggressive should the city be in its pursuit of closing the airport? Hobbies? Have you ridden any of the attractions at Pacific Park? If so which ones and how often? ParkMe, WaiveCar and Finny. And the Santa Monica GO app is a great way to report issues for City Hall to address. How have you been involved in the Santa Monica Community in non-election years? We should operate it according to the bare legal Federal requirements while taking over fuel sales and subleasing, eliminating leaded fuel and adding security measures. Then when we prevail in court and can assert our rights to do what we want with our land, we can complete the process which has already begun of converting the land to a park and playing fields. What, if any, apps are on your phone/computer/tablet right now were developed by a Santa Monica company? Where do you stand on the local ballot measures (GS, GSH, LV, SM and V)? Do you spend more time streaming video or watching cable TV? All cities have struggled to find money for affordable housing in the past few years. Is the current ballot measure raising the local sales tax the appropriate way to fund affordable housing? It’s clear to me many in our city are uncomfortable with projects over 3-4 stories on our boulevards and more than 5-7 stories downtown, so our update to the Downtown Community Plan should reflect that sentiment just as our zoning update to the rest of the city did. And if Measure LV fails to pass but wins a large minority of the votes cast we should look at a tool for voter approval of very large projects to ameliorate those concerns. What is the correct approach to operating the Santa Monica Airport? As aggressive as possible without breaking the law. What is your definition of overdevelopment and what is your plan to prevent it? Depends. I just finished a NetFlix binge watch and have moved on to a HBO series. And for playoff baseball and football I go for cable. The city’s zoning rules now allow for marijuana dispensaries but the city has delayed implementing the clause. Has the city been too cautious, too reckless or just right in its approach to marijuana? Non-profits such as CLARE already provide sober living facilities so City funds are better used to address homelessness in other ways. The LA County health services are being reorganized under Dr. Jon Sherin, who played a role in getting the VA to commit to providing housing with services for veterans at the West LA campus, and the City of LA is appealing to its voters for funding for housing for the homeless – once these agencies have their strategies in place, we should them work cooperatively with them to address the regional challenge of 47,000 individuals living on our streets. I support GS/GSH, SM and V. I do not support LV – too extreme. I attend as many community events as I can, given the demands of my day job and my desire to spend time with my wife and kids. I try to check in at neighborhood organizations, Neighborhood Council, SMRR, CEPS, CASM, and other meetings when possible to keep my finger on the pulse of the community. And I’ve been involved in raising funds for the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation. HomeNewsCity CouncilMeet Ted Winterer Oct. 24, 2016 at 9:34 amCity CouncilMeet Ted WintererGuest Author5 years agocity councilelectionSanta Monica City Counciltedted wintererwintererTed Winterer BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION:Name: Ted WintererAge: 59Occupation: Real Estate MarketingNeighborhood of residence: Ocean ParkOwn or rent: OwnMarital status/kids: Married, two children 15 and 10Party affiliation: Democrat We need to distinguish between alcohol sales at restaurants, which are limited by our code to 35% of gross receipts, and bars, nightclubs and liquor stores which stay open later, are largely dependent on alcohol revenue and have a greater impact on residential quality of life. And that’s exactly what our code does. SURVEYShould Santa Monica provide more city sponsored services to homeless individuals including establishing a sober living facility in city limits? Yes, especially since much of the revenue will be generated by visitors to our city. I’d guess at least 60%, since my family of four has only one car. For instance, one day last week I took a Lyft to an appointment downtown as I was running too late to bike or use the bus; then walked to a meeting at City Hall; then rode a Breeze bike to my office; then rode the #8 bus to the Moose Lodge for an event; and finally Ubered home – never used our car. Given that the state ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana seems likely to pass, I’d say we’ve been just right in waiting for this significant change in the legal landscape. What percentage of your daily travel needs are met using something other than a private car? ESSAY QUESTIONS Businesses often talk about the difficulty of working in Santa Monica. Why is the current level of regulation appropriate and should the city do more to encourage and support the business community? I think the level of regulation is appropriate, but we can do a better job of more quickly processing applications for things like tenant improvements and providing consistent answers at the planning counter and in building inspections. We should integrate when addressing issues which require regional solutions, such as homelessness and traffic – it would be great, for instance, if LA could synchronize its traffic lights to work with ours when motorists travel east on Olympic at rush hour. But in other areas such as our water supply we should go our own way and remain independent and distinct. Does the city have too many alcohol outlets and should there be stronger limits on acquiring alcohol licenses? My kids love Pacific Park so I’ve ridden them all, although I won’t be sorry if I never ride the Sea Dragon again. I’ve been there maybe 4-5 times in the last 12 months, including my son’s 10th birthday party. Why are you running for council, what makes you qualified to lead, and what role do you see yourself playing on the dais if elected?I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in my four years on the Council such as eight acres of new parks with 15 more in the works; additional staffing for police and fire; new mobility options such as our successful Breeze bike share and first mile/last mile connections to Expo; preserving and creating affordable housing; a cutting edge minimum wage ordinance; water conservation and a reduced reliance on imported water; requiring water use neutrality in new development; reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from 1990 levels; and ambitious efforts to convert our airport to a park. However, there’s still much work to be done on many issues and I’d like to have a hand in addressing these challenges.I believe I’ve proven to be an independent thinker who listens to those on all sides of an issue so as to formulate an informed and judicious approach to voting on complex matters. Consequently, I’ve been able to forge compromise and consensus among my colleagues on the Council at the times we might otherwise have been polarized. What were the council’s best decisions in the past two years? What were the worst?We’ve made a lot of decisions which I think in hindsight will prove to be future focused and prudent. For instance, we’ve made great progress towards our goal of being 100% reliant on water from our local aquifers, both through conservation measures and infrastructure projects which will treat and recycle storm runoff and waste water. And by 2020 our lowest-income workers will reap the benefits of a minimum wage of $15/hour. Our update to our zoning ordinance enhances protections to our existing multifamily housing in residential neighborhoods. And despite skepticism, the Breeze bike share has served our city well. On the other hand, it was clearly a mistake to even contemplate term leases with the aviation tenants at SMO, although such agreements were never signed. And I wish there had been a way to get Metro to adopt the same bike share platform we use so the systems could be integrated. Finally, while the decision was made over two years ago it was misguided to have a five year gap between the adoption of the LUCE and the finalizing of our new zoning, as the requirement for development agreements for even the smallest project during our interim zoning created the impression that all land use entitlements are negotiable. How has the city’s pursuit of sustainability been appropriately balanced with economic, development and financial concerns?Yes, very appropriately balanced, since our sustainability initiatives seek to address environmental quality, economic health and social equity. Creating housing downtown near jobs and transit not only reduces our carbon footprint but also creates the sort of compact, walkable neighborhood which attracts employers in the New Economy. And water neutrality, green building codes, requirements for rooftop solar, and new impact fees assure development consumes fewer resources. Residents and businesses will enjoy long term savings from our push to use only locally-sourced water, as the cost of imported water is sure to increase due to the impacts of climate change on Western states. Our first mile/last mile connections to the Expo line mean visitors can spend their dollars in downtown Santa Monica, which provides so much of the revenue which pays for services to residents, without adding to traffic congestion. And our phased increase in the minimum wage provides social equity while allowing businesses time to address new regulations.Tags :city councilelectionSanta Monica City Counciltedted wintererwinterershare on Facebookshare on Twitteradd a commentMeet Tony VazquezGleam Davis on EducationYou Might Also LikeFeaturedNewsCity opens application process to fill McKeown’s vacant council seatClara Harter6 days agoFeaturedNewsCity and Coalition settle legal battleBrennon Dixson3 weeks agoFeaturedNewsCity leaders talk riots, report and moreBrennon Dixson4 weeks agoFeaturedNewsCouncil readies for Tuesday meetingBrennon Dixson1 month agoCity CouncilFeaturedNewsSanta Monica releases riot reportBrennon Dixson1 month agoCity CouncilFeaturedNewsCouncil appoints new public safety commissionersBrennon Dixson1 month agolast_img read more

Credit unions: Avoiding the Kodak moment

first_imgThe term “Kodak Moment” became a popular saying in the early nineties as a part of a widely popular marketing campaign produced by none other than Kodak Company.  The Kodak Moment I will be speaking to has no affiliation with happy pictures of families around a campfire or smiling couples posing with the newest edition to their family.  Nope.  The Kodak Moment I’ll be referring to was a pivotal moment in 1988 when Kodak decided to ignore all of the information they had been gathering for years about digital photography and chose to spend billions focusing on the chemical process of photo development.It may seem trivial, but on that day in 1988 when Kodak decided to buy Sterling Drug for a cool $5.1 billion, they essentially sealed their fate and their filing for bankruptcy in 2012 was all but an inevitable formality.So, what does Kodak have to do with credit unions?  A lot, actually.  In the eighties, Kodak was at an inflection point.  Companies like Fuji and others were supplying the same services, but at a lower price point.  Companies were beginning to look at their businesses strategies and making decisions about how they would diversify or how they would improve what they already do (Kodak)!Now, with 2015 on the horizon, credit unions find themselves at a critical inflection point as well.  In order to avoid going the way of Kodak, credit unions will need to take a long look at themselves in the mirror and answer some very hard questions.  Here are just a few:What sort of business are we?In 1988, Kodak decided it was a chemical company that just so happens to be involved in developing film.  Wrong answer.What business is your credit union in?  Are you confident enough in the foundation that has been laid before you enough to venture out and explore other possibilities?  Are you and your management team comfortable enough to talk about inefficiencies and then make the necessary adjustments?Knowing the answers to these questions is the first step in preparing your credit union for a successful future.  If you’re not sure about your answers or you answered no to the second and third questions, there’s no better time than the present to have these sort of important conversations.If we were gone tomorrow, would our members really care?I really can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve never found myself reminiscing about the joys of dropping rolls of film off at the supermarket or jonesing to leave my house to rent a movie.It’s probably pretty safe to say that not many people miss Kodak or Blockbuster, but would your members miss your credit union if it disappeared?  Be honest with yourself, what does your credit union do differently that no other financial can deliver?  Are your member’s interactions with your credit union strictly transactional or are they more experential?  How do you make banking easier, less confusing and provide solutions to member problems before they even realize a problem may exist?Companies that do not focus on or consider how their business model and delivery channels may need to change with emerging technology are the companies that go by the wayside.  Before the invention of the iPod, who really thought they needed 2,000 songs in their pocket?Is your credit union capable of adapting?Are you or your leadership team even capable/willing to adapt?  Are you having conversations and gathering information about the rapidly changing technology landscape in the finance realm?  Do you have plans to build a website that creates loan and membership leads?  Can members or potential members apply or begin the loan application process on your website?As mentioned earlier, Kodak spent years conducting research and even developed the very first digital camera, but they still chose to conduct business as usual instead of paying attention to and acting on the information they had gathered.  In the financial services industry, all the data and trend reports being produced for the last several years point to the need for credit unions to develop stronger digital strategies.  Are you looking at the options that are available?  Will your credit union be the next Blockbuster or will it be more like Netflix? 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Bryce Roth Bryce Roth is the Director of Marketing and Social Strategy at CitizensFirst Credit Union and Co-Founder/President at the credit union service organization (CUSO) Chatter Yak!. Born and raised in … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Ishawna dropped by management team

first_imgControversial female dancehall Deejay Ishawna has been dropped by her management team.News of the severing of ties between Donsome Booking Agency, which is headed by Adrian Donsome Hanson, came just days after the Equal Rights and Justice DeeJay received scathing criticism for disrespecting Jamaica’s foremost cultural icon The Right Honorable Dr. Louise Bennett-Coverley, affectionately called ‘Miss Lou’ on social media.A press release from Donsome Booking Agency stated that the entity no longer manages the entertainer but assured its clients that bookings prior to July 7, 2017, will be honored.Meanwhile, Ishawna also confirmed the severing of ties with the agency via Instagram by informing promoters of her new booking information.Foot in mouthThe artiste was enjoying a good run, especially among female fans of dancehall. Women found of her controversial single Equal Rights and Justice to be a witty satire about oral sex from a woman’s perspective.However, Ishawna seemed to have put her foot in her mouth. After donning a two piece bathing suit and posting a photograph of herself on Instagram, she captioned it with the remarks “mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou”The post elicited an escalating social media backlash. Many users are demanding the dancehall deejay issue a public apology for disrespecting Jamaica’s cultural icon.Mutabaruka joins the frayJamaican Dub Poet and radio talk show host Mutabaruka, earlier came out in support of Ishawna’s Equal Rights and Justice song. He has now taken an about turn joining the chorus of condemning voices calling for her to apologize for her social media rant. To date, there has been no word from Ishawna that leans towards apologizing for the comment.Louise Bennett-Coverley was a Jamaican poet, actor, songwriter and folk hero whose advocacy for the Jamaican lingo was the forerunner to dancehall music.last_img read more

Summer Fun as Machars Young Farmer’s make a big Splash

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInOn the 15th July, Machars Young Farmers swapped their wellies for wet-suits and spent their Saturday afternoon a little differently!A spokesperson from the club said “Despite the freezing cold water we had a great laugh at Galloway Activity Centre’s ‘Wobbly Waterpark’ at Lochken. It proved a perfect outing for Alastair Cannon to show off his signature Tom Daley-Esque dives into the loch and for Rose Nash and Emma Robinson to prove they both have the balance of a newly born deer!”They Continued “A great effort was put in from all the girls who came along to Machars Young Farmers Netball Night at Port William on Thursday 13th July despite the weather. Thanks again to Debbie Johnstone and Dib Penrose for providing their expert coaching. Hopefully next time we can prove to Debbie that the sun can shine in the Port!”On Sunday 17th July, Machars Young Farmers held a sports night at Maxwell Park in Port William with support coming from as far away as Dubai for the home team! With a great attendance, we kicked off the night with a game of hockey. We swiftly moved onto football before the hockey sticks were used as golf clubs! We then rounded off the night with a game of rounder’s.This week we the club hold their annual Sheep Stockjudging at Larg Farm, Creetown on Friday 21st July from 7.30pm followed by a Charity Coffee Afternoon on Saturday 22nd July at Wigtown Food Festival Marquee from 1-3.30pm, every is welcome to come along to both events.last_img read more

New colour announced for 2018 Ducati XDiavel – Iceberg White!

first_imgDucati has announced that their 2018 Ducati XDiavel S will be getting a host of new upgrades including a brand new colour; Iceberg White.The 2018 XDiavel S will also get a brand new suspension package to provide even more comfort for both rider and pillion.Equipped with a 1,262cc V-Twin Testastretta DVT engine, the XDiavel produces 156hp and 129Nm of gut-churning torque for maximum dose of fun. Hold on to your socks, folks. Ducati has just announced that their 2018 Ducati XDiavel S will be available soon with a bunch of new upgrades. The biggest update of all is that it’ll come with a brand new colour scheme called “Iceberg White”.This super cruiser from the Bologna manufacturer looks menacingly beautiful in our books and like the name, its majestic appearance is just as stunning as it is dangerous around corners when handed to the right rider.Apart from the new paintjob, the 2018 XDiavel S will also receive a new suspension package upgrade. Not that we’re complaining with how the current XDiavel ride (which is sublime) but the boys over at Ducati felt that the new setup will be even more comfortable for both rider and pillion.We’ve tested the current model a few months back and we felt it was an exhilarating experience especially when you harness all that power from its 1,262ccc V-Twin Testastretta DVT engine. In total, the XDiavel produces a huge 156hp at 9,500rpm and 129Nm of torque at 5,000rpm. Hence the nickname “power cruiser” or “techno cruiser”.To know more on our exclusive review on the current Ducati XDiavel, CLICK HERE.Apart from performance, the XDiavel has received multiple awards for its fine-looking design. To date, Ducati’s first ever “power cruiser” has proven to be a stand-out in international Design competitions, having already bagged the prestigious European “Red Dot Award 2016”. The XDiavel  also received another award from the “Good Design Award 2016”.To know more about the XDiavel being awarded with the title “the most beautiful bike”, CLICK HERE.The Ducati XDiavel is arguably one of the best looking bikes (if not, the best) out there in the market right now. While the current model priced at RM135,999 (basic price with GST), there is no news yet on the figure and availability for the new 2018 Iceberg White XDiavel S.CLICK HERE to check out the complete specification of the current Ducati XDiavel.What we do know is that it’ll make its first public appearance later this week at Faaker See Rally in Austria. All we can say is that if Jon Snow is real and living in this day and age, he’ll be riding this baby into battle…or Sunday breakfast, whichever comes first.Stay tuned to Bikes Republic for more Ducati updates.Source: Ducati–Ads–last_img read more

HSI Foal Qualifier Results from Bridestown Towers Equestrian Centre

first_img HSI Foal Qualifier Results from Bridestown Towers Equestrian Centre Pony Eventing Foals The pony eventing section was won by Marie Casey with a filly by Ballynoe Night Cruise (ISH) out of Millennium Milly (CP), by Templebready Fear Bui (CP). Tags: The reserve was Andries De Bonts filly by I’m Special De Muze (BWP) out of Wulfin (KWPN), by Voltaire (HANN).Horse Eventing FoalsThe horse eventing section was won by Kieran O’Gorman with a filly by Munther (TB) (IRE) out of by Brookfield Miss Lux (ISH), by Lux Z (HANN). The reserve also went to Kieran O’Gorman with a colt by Munther (TB) (IRE) out of Kingstead Royale (ISH) by Lux Z (HANN).Winner of the colt eventing section – Kieran O Gorman with a filly by Munther (TB) (IRE) Home  »  Breeding News  »  HSI Foal Qualifier Results from Bridestown Towers Equestrian Centre The Foal Championship aims to identify, evaluate and reward breeders who have bred a foal that has the potential to be competitive at the highest level in the disciplines of show jumping or eventing.The first HSI foal qualifier took place on Friday 1st August at Bridestwon Towers Equestrian Centre. This qualifier was judged by Brendan Doyle and Janet Murray.Horse Show Jumping FoalsThe horse foal Showjumping section was won by Billy Daly with a filly foal by Vivant Van De Heffinck (BWP) out of Newmarket Clare Lady (ISH), by Newmarket Jewel (WESTF).Winner of the show jumping section – Billy Daly’s filly by Vivant Van De Heffinck (BWP) out of Newmarket Clare Lady (ISH). 7 August 2019, 14:43last_img read more

Photo: Snoop Dogg Quotes Boyz II Men In A Touching Goodbye To His USC Underwear

first_imgSnoop Dogg DJ'ing at a party.BEVERLY HILLS, CA – AUGUST 23: Snoop Dogg attends the Prive Revaux Investor Closing Party at Club James in Beverly Hills on August 23, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Prive Revaux Eyewear)Up until yesterday, rapper Snoop Dogg was arguably the most famous USC football fan. He frequently repped the Trojans by wearing ‘SC jerseys,hanging on the sideline at games and shouting out the program.All of that changed yesterday, when Snoop’s son, four-star WR Cordell Broadus, committed to USC’s crosstown rival UCLA. Snoop wore a UCLA jersey during his son’s announcement on ESPNU, and vowed he would be a Bruin fan moving forward. He even said he would get rid of his prized USC underwear. Apparently, he has, but not before giving them a touching tribute on social media. Here’s Snoop’s Instagram ode to his USC undergarments, complete with lyrics from Boyz II Men’s 90’s R&B hit, “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.”Beautiful stuff, really. Snoop has a long history of wearing blue as well so he should fit in as a UCLA fan just fine, at least from a fashion standpoint.last_img read more

Video: Georgia Coach Mark Fox Lost His Voice During Post-Game Interview

first_imgA general view of Georgia's basketball court during a game.ATHENS, GA – FEBRUARY 17: A general view of the Georgia Bulldogs during their basketball game against the Tennessee Volunteers at Stegeman Coliseum on February 17, 2018 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images)Georgia registered a huge 62-53 win at Texas A&M last night to move to 16-7 on the season and 7-4 in the SEC. The win boosted the Bulldogs’ NCAA Tournament resume, but cost head coach Mark Fox his voice. Fox’s vocal troubles led to a pretty funny post-game exchange with an SEC Network sideline reporter. Check it out.Someone give that man a Halls. I’m sure Fox will take losing his voice for the trade-off of a road win in conference.[ Sporting News ]last_img read more

Postmedia reports fourthquarter profit as sale of Infomart boosts results

first_imgTORONTO – Postmedia Network Inc. reported a $40.3-million profit in its latest quarter, boosted by the sale of its Infomart business.The media company said Thursday the profit amounted to 43 cents per share for the quarter ended Aug. 31 compared with a loss of $99.4 million or 35 cents per share a year ago.Revenue for the company’s fourth quarter totalled $176.8 million, down from $194.6 million in the same quarter last year.Postmedia sold its Infomart business to Meltwater News Canada Inc. for $38.3 million.“This quarter we have continued to divest of non-core assets — including the sales of the Infomart business and the Islington, Ont., print facility — with the net proceeds applied to debt repayment,” Postmedia chief executive Paul Godfrey said in a statement.“On the revenue front, while traditional print revenues continue to be under significant pressure, this was our third quarter of continued digital advertising revenue growth — a positive sign that new customers are embracing our innovative solutions.”Print advertising revenue fell 15 per cent compared with a year ago, while print circulation revenue dropped 7.3 per cent. Digital revenue increased 15 per cent compared with the same quarter last year.For its financial year ended Aug. 31, Postmedia said it earned $44.8 million or 40 cents per share compared with a loss of $352.5 million or $1.25 per share in the previous financial year. Revenue totalled $754.3 million, down from $860.4 million.The results came as Postmedia announced that chief operating officer Andrew MacLeod has added the role of president to his job as part of the company’s succession plan.MacLeod takes over the title from Paul Godfrey who will remain the company’s chief executive, a position he has held since the company’s inception in 2010.Postmedia said the move formalizes a clear succession plan and acknowledges the collaborative executive structure already in place.MacLeod joined Postmedia in 2014 as chief commercial officer and was named chief operating officer in 2016.Postmedia (TSX:PNC.A, TSX:PNC.B) owns the National Post as well as several other major Canadian newspapers as well as digital platforms.last_img read more