Another arrest made in Volkswagen diesel scandal

first_img PlayThe Rolls-Royce Boat Tail may be the most expensive new car everPlay3 common new car problems (and how to prevent them) | Maintenance Advice | Driving.caPlayFinal 5 Minivan Contenders | Driving.caPlay2021 Volvo XC90 Recharge | Ministry of Interior Affairs | Driving.caPlayThe 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is a new take on Canada’s fave truck | Driving.caPlayBuying a used Toyota Tundra? 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Schmidt “offered reasons for the discrepancy” other than the fact that the company was cheating on emissions tests through illegally installed software on its diesel vehicles, according to court documents.The complaint says Schmidt and other VW executives conspired to violate the Clean Air Act by making false representations about the environmental quality of their cars.Tests commissioned by the non-profit International Council on Clean Transportation in 2014 found that certain Volkswagen models with diesel engines emitted more than the allowable limit of pollutants. More than a year later, Volkswagen admitted to installing the software on about 500,000 2-litre diesel engines in VW and Audi models in the U.S. Later the company said some 3-litre diesels also cheated.After that study, Schmidt, in an apparent reference to VW’s compliance with emissions, wrote a colleague to say, “It should first be decided whether we are honest. If we are not honest, everything stays as it is.”He later emailed another executive with an analysis that listed possible monetary penalties from the Environmental Protection Agency.“Difference between street and test stand must be explained. (Intentpenalty),” Schmidt wrote, according to the complaint.RELATED Dee-Ann Durbin in Detroit contributed to this report. See More Videoscenter_img He faces an initial hearing in Miami Monday afternoon and likely will be taken to Detroit, where the Justice Department investigation is based, to face arraignment at a later date. It wasn’t immediately clear if he had a lawyer.In this handout provided by the Broward Sheriff’s Office, suspect Oliver Schmidt, an executive for Volkswagen poses in this undated booking photo. Schmidt was arrested January 7, 2017 in Florida and is expected to be charged with conspiracy and fraud in the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Schmidt was formerly a key emissions compliance manager for VW in the U.S. Motor Mouth: Here’s what Canadian owners get from VW’s DieselgateSchmidt’s bio for a 2012 auto industry conference said he was responsible for ensuring that vehicles built for sale within the U.S. and Canada comply with “past, present and future air quality and fuel economy government standards in both countries.” It says he served as the company’s direct factory and government agency contact for emissions regulations. The criminal complaint says Schmidt was promoted in 2015 as a principal deputy of a senior manager.Volkswagen said in a statement Monday that it is co-operating with the Justice Department in the probe. “It would not be appropriate to comment on any ongoing investigations or to discuss personnel matters,” the statement said.Herbert Diess, a member of Volkswagen AG’s board of management, appeared in Detroit Sunday evening to introduce a new version of VW’s Tiguan SUV ahead of the North American International Auto Show. He wouldn’t comment when asked if some Volkswagen executives refused to come to the auto show for fear of being arrested.“I’m here, at least,” he said.Asked about the Justice Department investigation, Diess also wouldn’t comment, but said he hopes it’s resolved “as soon as possible.”The company has agreed to either repair the cars or buy them back as part of a $15 billion settlement approved by a federal judge in October. Volkswagen agreed to pay owners of 2-litre diesels up to $10,000 depending on the age of their cars.In October, VW engineer James Robert Liang, of Newbury Park, California, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud the government and agreed to co-operate with investigations in the U.S. and Germany. Liang was the first person to enter a plea in the wide-ranging case, and authorities were expected to use him to go after higher-ranking VW officials.A grand jury indictment against Liang detailed a 10-year conspiracy by Volkswagen employees in the U.S. and Germany to repeatedly dupe U.S. regulators by using sophisticated emissions software. The indictment detailed emails between Liang and co-workers that initially admitted to cheating in an almost cavalier manner but then turned desperate after the deception was uncovered.The complaint against Schmidt also references two co-operating witnesses in the company’s engine development, who have agreed to speak with investigators in exchange for not being prosecuted.The EPA found that the 2-litre cars emitted up to 40 times the legal limit for nitrogen oxide, which can cause human respiratory problems. COMMENTSSHARE YOUR THOUGHTS DETROIT — The Volkswagen executive who once was in charge of complying with U.S. emissions regulations was arrested during the weekend in Florida and accused of deceiving federal regulators about the use of special software that cheated on emissions tests.Oliver Schmidt, who was general manager of the engineering and environmental office for VW of America, was charged in a criminal complaint with conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government and wire fraud.Schmidt is the second VW employee to be arrested as part of an ongoing federal investigation into the German automaker, which has admitted that it programmed diesel-powered vehicles to turn pollution controls on during tests and to turn them off in real-world driving. The scandal has cost VW sales and has tarnished its brand worldwide. We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles using Facebook commenting Visit our FAQ page for more information.last_img read more

Supreme Court dismisses challenge to Justice Francis appointment

first_img Aug 28, 2020 By Gary Blankenship Editor Top Stories Supreme Court dismisses challenge to Justice Francis appointment Gov. Ron DeSantis exceeded his authority in naming 15th Circuit Judge Renatha Francis to the Supreme Court but because Rep. Geraldine Thompson requested the wrong remedy the Supreme Court has dismissed her petition challenging the appointment.The Supreme Court reached that conclusion in a decision released August 27 that also produced two concurring opinions. Although it had been requested, the court did not hold oral argument on Thompson’s petition.In the court’s main opinion, Justice Carlos Muñiz wrote that DeSantis exceeded his authority because Francis had not been a member of The Florida Bar for 10 years, as required by the Florida Constitution for justices and appellate judges, when he made the appointment on May 26.But Muñiz said the only appropriate remedy was for DeSantis to make an alternate selection from the list of nominees submitted by the Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission. Thompson, D-Orlando, had asked for the JNC to go back and review all applicants for the seat and to submit a new list of nominees.“What the Petitioner seeks is fundamentally different from the remedy that we are authorized to grant in the circumstances presented. And more than that, the authorized remedy would defeat the Petitioner’s stated objectives in filing this action,” Muñiz wrote. “It is not our role to impose a remedy that the Petitioner has not requested and that is inconsistent with the Petitioner’s stated goals. This is the parties’ case, not ours. Accordingly, we must deny the petition.”The opinion also said Thompson waited too long to challenge the composition of the JNC’s list of nominees or the JNC nomination process.Shortly after the opinion was released, Thompson said she was reviewing it with her attorneys, including whether to file a motion for rehearing by the August 31 deadline set by the court.“They did settle I had standing to bring the complaint and [Judge Francis] did not meet the 10-year requirement at the time she sought the appointment,” Thompson said. “I am absolutely glad I brought the action. Whatever the outcome is I think it will give them pause when they try to do something like this again.”If she does seek a rehearing, Thompson said it will be under Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.040(c), which reads: “If a party seeks an improper remedy, the cause shall be treated as if the proper remedy had been sought; provided that it shall not be the responsibility of the court to seek the proper remedy.”Thompson filed a petition for writs of mandamus and quo warranto on July 13, claiming that the JNC should not have considered Francis because she would not meet the constitutional requirement of 10 years of Bar membership until September 24 and, therefore, was not a qualified candidate. She said DeSantis was prohibited from appointing Francis for that reason and she asked that the JNC review all of the original applicants and submit a new list to DeSantis.She also said DeSantis violated the Constitution by not making the appointment within 60 days of the January 23 date when the JNC submitted its list of nominees. The governor appointed Francis on May 26 and attributed the delay to the exigencies of dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.DeSantis and Daniel Nordby, chair of the Supreme Court JNC, replied that Thompson lacked standing to challenge the appointment, that Francis will meet the constitutional requirements when she joins the court on or after September 24, that DeSantis had an extended time frame to make the appointment, and the appointment will not be complete until Francis takes office.Muñiz said the court would not take up Thompson’s claim that the JNC should not have considered Francis because the representative waited more than six months to make that assertion.The court did agree under its precedents that Thompson has standing as a citizen and taxpayer to seek relief. And the majority rejected DeSantis’s claim that the appointment was proper.Muñiz wrote that Art. V, Sect. 8, which has the 10-year requirement, and Art. V, Sec. 11, which requires the appointment within 60 days on the JNC submitting its nominees, means that the appointee should meet the minimum constitutional requirements for office when the appointment is made, because that is when the vacancy is filled.“The most important point is that the appointment must — and does — fill the vacancy in office. And it does so immediately. Not at some time in the future, but on the effective date of the appointment itself,” the opinion said. “It necessarily follows that, in this context, any constitutional eligibility requirement ‘for the office’ attaches at the time of appointment. Otherwise, the governor would be filling an office — again, under article V, section 11 this happens at the time of appointment — with someone whom the constitution deems ineligible for that office.”(In a footnote, the opinion said while DeSantis argued in his reply to Thompson’s filing the appointment would not be official until he issued Francis’s commission, the governor also contended his legal duty was completed with the May 26 announcement, and, “For purposes of our analysis, we will take the case as it has been argued to us and assume that the Governor has in fact made an appointment.”)The opinion dismissed as “untenable” the governor’s claim that under an elaborate calculation that included when the seat would be up for merit retention, he had until early November 2021, to fill the vacancy and in some cases could have up to three years.“[The Governor’s office] acknowledge[s] that their interpretation yields a startling result: notwithstanding its 60-day appointment deadline, the constitution would permit a legally ‘filled’ judicial office to remain empty for over three years, while the governor, the court, and the public wait for the appointee to meet the constitution’s eligibility requirements,” the opinion said.But while Thompson was correct on challenging the appointment, her case fails, Muñiz wrote, because she failed to request the proper remedy.Aside from waiting too long to challenge the JNC’s inclusion of Francis on its list of nominations, “the Petitioner has shown no reason why the irregularity of one ineligible nominee on the JNC’s certified [nominee] list requires discarding the whole list. As noted, that list already includes more than the minimum number of candidates that article V, section 11(a) requires. At this point, the only legally appropriate and available remedy would be to require the Governor immediately to appoint a constitutionally eligible person from the JNC’s existing certified list of nominees,” the opinion said, citing Pleus v. Crist, 14 So. 3d 941, 946 (Fla. 2009).Chief Justice Charles Canady, and Justices Jorge Labarga and Alan Lawson concurred with Muñiz, and Justice Ricky Polston concurred in the result only. Labarga and Polston wrote separate concurring opinions.Labarga said he wrote to emphasize two additional points: the JNC exceeding its authority in nominating Francis and on Thompson’s concerns in her petition that the JNC failed to nominate any of the other “six constitutionally eligible African-American or Caribbean-American applicants.”(Francis is a native of Jamaica and will become the first Caribbean-American on the Supreme Court.)The JNC’s own rules require it to consider only applicants who are constitutionally eligible and in this case that includes the 10-year Bar membership standard, Labarga noted.“Because the Governor’s appointee must satisfy this minimal eligibility requirement, the Supreme Court JNC is obligated to nominate only individuals who fulfill the requirement. A nominee must be constitutionally eligible at the time of nomination,” he wrote. “The reason for this is clear: while the Governor has up to sixty days to fill the vacancy, the Governor does not have to utilize that entire time period. Each nominee must be immediately ready to fill the vacancy.”While he agreed the court had no basis to grant Thompson’s requested remedy, “I write to underscore the missed opportunity to enhance the diversity of this Court and to do so in a manner that adheres to the Florida Constitution,” Labarga said.He noted the JNC passed over six Black or Caribbean-American applicants who had been Bar members between 21 and 36 years and “[i]nstead … nominated the only African-American or Caribbean-American applicant who was constitutionally ineligible to fill [the] vacancy.”Polston agreed with DeSantis’s argument that because the governor has not issued a commission for Francis, the appointment has not taken place. He also agreed that Thompson’s petition had to be dismissed because she requested an improper relief and “did not include a request for any other relief that the Court deems appropriate in its discretion….”Noting the 10-year requirement in the Constitution, Polston wrote, “I would deny Representative Thompson’s writ petition because the challenge to the composition of the JNC’s [nomination] list…is now moot, because the petition fails to demonstrate that the Governor has exceeded his authority, and because the petition fails to establish that the JNC and the Governor have clear and indisputable duties to perform the requested actions.”On the governor’s authority, he said, “The plain meaning of [Article 5] Section 11 does not foreclose the possibility of an individual becoming eligible between the time a governor selects that individual from the JNC list and the time the individual assumes office.”He also argued under court precedents, it will require execution of the commission to complete the appointment.Francis’s appointment ended a process that began last November when Justices Barbara Lagoa and Robert Luck left the Supreme Court to assume new posts on the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. DeSantis notified the JNC of the vacancies, which kicked off its process to find replacements.On January 23, the JNC forwarded a list of nine finalists to fill the two vacancies, and on May 26 DeSantis named Francis and now-Justice John Couriel to the court. Couriel recused himself from participating in this case.The court acted in Thompson v. DeSantis, Case No. SC20-985.last_img read more

Samsung readies 2nd foldable for 2020

first_img Asia 5GFoldablesSamsungsmartphones Telkomsel turns on 5G in major cities Home Samsung readies 2nd foldable for 2020 AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to MoreAddThisMore 04 SEP 2019 Previous Article5G Hospital Network Standard Takes ShapeNext ArticleAndroid 10 hits Pixel devices Michael doesn’t want to admit that he has been a journalist and editor for close to 20 years covering a diverse set of subjects including shipping and shipbuilding, fixed and mobile telecoms, and motorcycling…More Read more Relatedcenter_img Mobile Mix: Buzzing for Barcelona Samsung reportedly plans to launch its second foldable smartphone in early 2020, being tipped to push the boundaries of the nascent form-factor with a model capable of being reduced to the size of a small square.Details of the South Korean vendor’s plans were revealed by Bloomberg, which stated the forthcoming device would feature a 6.7-inch main display and offer a clamshell-style fold that cuts it down to the size of a pocket. The model will sport a punch-hole camera on the upper edge of the internal display and two external cameras.Perhaps crucially, Samsung was tipped to be targeting a lower price than the $1,980 tag placed on its forthcoming Galaxy Fold, which is due to finally launch this month following lengthy delays while the vendor addressed several problems found in early models sent to reviewers. Samsung also aims to make the next device thinner, Bloomberg stated.The news outlet cautioned Samsung’s plans for a second foldable are closely linked to the success of the Galaxy Fold. Analysts have warned these devices will likely remain a niche product for several years, with negative publicity spawned by delayed launches by Samsung and rival Huawei likely to stymie initial consumer demand.Other movesDetails of Samsung’s foldable ambitions emerged as the vendor extended its successful Galaxy A range with the launch of a 5G model.The Galaxy A90 5G uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 5G mobile platform, offers 48MP main and 32MP front cameras, and sports a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-U display which the vendor stated offers a “cinematic experience”.Samsung this week also unveiled Exynos 980, its first processor featuring an integrated 5G modem. The chip is scheduled for mass production by the year-end. Subscribe to our daily newsletter Back Michael Carroll Author Tags KT makes LG Electronics trade-in movelast_img read more

Jefferson County indictments for week of Aug. 19

first_imgBEAUMONT — A Jefferson County grand jury indicted the following individuals this week:Naomi Loutricia Johnson, 48, of Beaumont was indicted for murder for an incident that occurred June 30.Henry Paul Barron, also known as Henry Paul Barron IV, 30, of Nederland was indicted for felony driving while intoxicated for an incident that occurred April 23.Mark Galen Brown Jr., also known as Mark Brown, 41, of Beaumont was indicted for felony driving while intoxicated for an incident that occurred Sept. 14.Robert Kennedy Brown, 52, of Beaumont was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, for an incident that occurred Jan. 28.Mary Louise Caswell, 31, transient, was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, for an incident that occurred March 14.Matthew Sigarst, 31, of Beaumont was indicted for tampering with physical evidence for an incident that occurred April 25.Matthew Sigarst, 31, of Beaumont was indicted for evading arrest/detention use of a vehicle for an incident that occurred April 25.Christopher Craig Smith, also known as Christopher C. Smith and Christopher Smith, 40, of Beaumont was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, for an incident that occurred Dec. 28.Christopher Craig Smith, also known as Christopher C. Smith and Christopher Smith, 40, of Beaumont was indicted for evading arrest/detention with previous convictions for an incident that occurred Dec. 28.Curtis Ray Moore, 65, of Beaumont was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, cocaine, for an incident that occurred Feb. 15.Wallace Nathaniel Moore, 37, of Port Arthur was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, for an incident that occurred Sept. 15.Meghan Michelle Morris, 42, of Port Neches was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, for an incident that occurred Dec. 2.Esdras Homero Pedroza, 26, of Nederland was indicted for deadly conduct for an incident that occurred Jan. 28.Bruce Jadale Posey, 27, of Port Arthur was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, for an incident that occurred Dec. 7.Kevin Kenneth Provost, also known as Kevin Kenneth Provost Jr., 27, of Port Arthur was indicted for burglary of a habitation for an incident that occurred May 28.Frank Quinoneo Vega, 28, of Nederland was indicted for burglary of a habitation for an incident that occurred July 22.David A. Rebollar, 19, of Beaumont was indicted for felony theft for an incident that occurred June 30.Kasee Rae Reed, also known as Kasee Reed, 27, of Silsbee was indicted for evading arrest/detention use of a vehicle for an incident that occurred Dec. 20.Kojhmon J. Roberts, 17, of Beaumont was indicted for evading arrest/detention use of a vehicle for an incident that occurred April 2.Djuan Terrel Robson, 26, of Port Arthur was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, for an incident that occurred Dec. 7.Zachary James Dean Rogers, also known as Zachary James Rogers, 24, of LaPorte, was indicted for attempted aggravated assault of a peace officer for an incident that occurred July 11.Zachary James Dean Rogers, also known as Zachary James Rogers, 24, of LaPorte, was indicted for burglary of a habitation for an incident that occurred July 11.Zachary James Dean Rogers, also known as Zachary James Rogers, 24, of LaPorte, was indicted for evading arrest/detention with previous convictions for an incident that occurred July 11.Patrick Rouse, 24, of Kountze was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, cocaine, for an incident that occurred Jan. 26.Benjamin J. Salerius II, 37, of Port Arthur was indicted for burglary of a habitation for an incident that occurred July 13.Kaylynn Denise Salzar, 24, of Port Arthur was indicted for aggravated assault/family violence for an incident that occurred Feb. 19.Reynaldo Sanchez, also known as Reynaldo Anaya Sanchez and Reynaldo A. Sanchez, 54, of Port Arthur was indicted for felony driving while intoxicated for an incident that occurred March 14. Next Up An indictment is not a final conviction of guilt; it is only a ruling by the grand jury that allows the district attorney’s office to proceed with a criminal case.last_img read more

Gophers men travel to Indiana for NCAA meet

first_imgGophers men travel to Indiana for NCAA meetMinnesota is aiming for a top-15 finish after taking 26th a year ago at NCAAs. Matt AndersonNovember 22, 2004Jump to CommentsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare via EmailPrintIf Minnesota men’s cross country coach Steve Plasencia could have planned this season in advance, it would have looked very similar to the way things have gone heading into today’s NCAA Championships in Terre Haute, Ind.The 15th-ranked Gophers took home first place in the NCAA Midwest Regional Championships last weekend, with five runners placing in the top 20, including a first-place finish for senior Andrew Carlson.With a team that is peaking at the right time and is heavy with experience, Minnesota’s season-long goal of a top-15 NCAA finish appears within reach.“It’s neat the way things have worked out for us,” Plasencia said. “This is a good group – as good as I’ve had here.”In Plasencia’s previous eight years as coach, Minnesota’s top finish at the NCAAs was 15th place in 1999.The group running in Terre Haute includes seniors Carlson, Ryan Ford, Mike Bialick and Josh DoBell.“We just need to run like we know how to,” DoBell said. “We’ve been trying to do something special for a long time, and this is our last chance.”Junior Ryan Malmin, who finished second on the team in all but one of his races this year, freshman Justin Grunewald and sophomore Antonio Vega round out the NCAA runners for Minnesota.“To have Carlson and Malmin running up with the leaders, it’s going to help us a ton,” Ford said.This is Carlson’s third NCAA Championships race at Minnesota, and Ford will become just the second runner in school history to have competed in four NCAA Championships, joining Will McComb, who accomplished the feat from 1999 to 2002. “I’m blessed to have been there four years in a row,” Ford said. “It’s something I’ll probably look back on in 10 years and appreciate more.”To finish in the top 15, Ford said, he thinks the Gophers will have to place all seven runners in the top 100 and five in the top 75.The course in Terre Haute is a true cross country course, as opposed to the golf course Minnesota runs on at home meets and the course that hosted last weekend’s regional meet in Peoria, Ill.“It favors a stronger runner a little more in this set up,” Plasencia said. “It shouldn’t hurt us.”The team has trained exclusively over rough terrain on the St. Paul campus for the past week, and most of the runners competing today raced in Terre Haute in the NCAA Championships two years ago.“We know where it’s going to be bumpy and where we’ll have to fight through it,” Ford said.It rained over the weekend in Terre Haute, which will make the course muddy and slightly different from the course Minnesota ran on in 2002.And despite Plasencia’s confidence, he said he realizes that at the NCAAs, anything can happen.“It’s a crapshoot in a big cross country race like that for everybody,” he said.last_img read more

La deshumanización de la medicina moderna

first_imgel Economista Salud:El ejercicio de la medicina moderna está sufriendo actualmente de un proceso de deshumanización dentro de una sociedad globalizada. “Cualquier paciente que ingrese en un hospital o sea sometido a un tratamiento, incluso si se les cuida de la manera más apropiada, pueden sentirse tratados como animales o incluso como objetos”, dice el psicólogo y médico de la Universidad de Harvard Omar Sultan Haque.Los médicos trabajan para ayudar a las personas, la investigación muestra que la atención empática, humana mejora los resultados.Read the whole story: el Economista Salud More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

British jobs for team players

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Vic Schaefer signs two players, including 5-star recruit

first_imgSTARKVILLE The encore to a historic 2014-15 season is already off to a good start for Mississippi State women’s basketball.The Bulldogs landed two of the nation’s top players during the spring signing period, the school announced Sunday night.MSU added 6-foot-7 center Teaira McCowan, who is a five-star prospect.“Teaira, at 6-7, provides that inside presence Martha gave us for four great years,” MSU coach Vic Schaefer said. “She has the opportunity to do what Martha did and then some. She has the ability to be a dominant rebounder and shot blocker.”Former Oklahoma State guard Roshunda Johnson joins McCowan. Johnson averaged 11.3 points as a sophomore in Stillwater a year after earning Big 12 All-Freshman Team honors.“Roshunda is exactly what we need as far as a Top-50 guard in the country,” Schaefer said. “She showed tremendous growth between her freshman and sophomore seasons, and we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to add her to our program.Johnson will have to sit the 2015-16 season due to NCAA transfer rules and will have two seasons of eligibility remaining.McCowan, a 5-star prospect by ESPN/HoopGurlz, has been a standout in the paint for Brenham High School in Texas. She averaged 19.3 points, 17.1 rebounds and 4.0 blocks in leading her squad to a 25-8 overall record and 13-1 district mark.The numbers earned her a selection to the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches (TABC) All-Star Game.ESPN/HoopGurlz rated McCown as a Top 100 recruit (49th overall). McCowan was rated No. 26 by Premier Girls Report and 12th overall, the No. 2 center, by Full Court.All-Star Girls Report also pegged her the No. 2 center and the 16th-best player overall.“I had a great visit, and I loved the team chemistry. I don’t think there is another team that has as great a chemistry as the Bulldogs,” McCowan said. “The coaching staff was great. They really made me feel at home and showed me how much they wanted me to become a Bulldog.”McCowan played for team USA in earning a 5-0 record and the gold medal at the 2014 FIBA Americas 18U Championship.That opportunity came after she was named a USA Today All-Texas second team and a TABC All-State honoree in 2014.Johnson, a Little Rock native, averaged 8.4 points, 3.3 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 1.8 steals in two seasons at Oklahoma State, helping the squad to the NCAA Tournament both years.Last season she added 3.8 rebounds and 3.7 assists to her 11.3 scoring average as she helped the Cowgirls to a 20-12 overall record, 9-9 Big 12 mark, and a berth in the NCAA Tournament.“I loved my visit. Everything about it was great. I’m glad I made my decision to come here,” Johnson said. “The coaches were so open with me and made it feel like home.”Johnson started 31 of 32 games for Oklahoma State. She finished as the team’s third-leading scorer behind 35.3-percent shooting from the floor, 39.3-percent shooting from 3-point range and a 77.5-percent clip from the free-throw line.The duo joins Mississippi all-state standout Jazzmun Holmes, junior college All-American Jazmine Spears and 6-3 center Zion Campbell who signed in November during the early signing period. Contact Michael Bonner at [email protected] Follow @MikeBBonner on Twitter.last_img read more

Football Talk: Celtic’s award, Forrester’s Rangers hope

first_imgUndefeated in 60 domestic matches, top of the Premiership and into the League Cup final, the Celtic support have hardly been short of reasons to be cheerful this year.Now the Hoops’ fans have got in on the act after they were voted Best Fans by FIFA on Monday night.On the other side of Glasgow the fallout from Rangers’ League Cup semi-final defeat dominates the back pages, with Pedro Caixinha venting his fury at his under-achieving players in the aftermath of the 2-0 defeat to Motherwell.One of the men shunted through the exit door during the Portuguese coaches’ summer upheaval, Harry Forrester, has let it be known his is a return ticket and he intends to battle for a spot at Ibrox next season. Elsewhere, the talk is of empty seats and still-to-be-put-in seats. The SPFL will hold talks with Celtic and Motherwell ahead of the League Cup final after clubs missed out on £250,000 due to seats remaining unfilled, while Hearts have announced further delays to the new Tynecastle Park.last_img read more

The Account-Based Marketing Guide for Modern Marketers

first_imgAs a B2B Marketer, you spend a lot of your time coming up with new ways to reach the right prospect, at the right time, with the right message. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a tried-and-true strategy to help you do all three. By treating each account as a market of one, you can deepen your relationships with individuals at key accounts and ultimately increase revenue.For more ways ABM can help you up your marketing game, read this white paper from Oracle.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “The Account-Based Marketing Guide for Modern Marketers.” From our sponsors: The Account-Based Marketing Guide for Modern Marketers HomeDigital MarketingThe Account-Based Marketing Guide for Modern Marketers The Account-Based Marketing Guide for Modern MarketersYou are here: Posted on 5th May 2017Digital Marketing FacebookshareTwittertweetGoogle+share Related postsLytics now integrates with Google Marketing Platform to enable customer data-informed campaigns14th December 2019The California Consumer Privacy Act goes live in a few short weeks — Are you ready?14th December 2019ML 2019121313th December 2019Global email benchmark report finds email isn’t dead – it’s essential13th December 20192019 benchmark report: brand vs. non-brand traffic in Google Shopping12th December 2019Keep your LinkedIn advertising strategy focused in 202012th December 2019last_img read more