Dan Savage’s itty-bitty village gets bigger every year

first_imgAbout 300 people roam the Christmas Carnival grounds, grabbing mugs of eggnog, gawking at the dinosaur exhibit and whirling through the air on its many rides; but every so often Dan Savage scoops up a few and drops them into a different part of the park.Christmas is definitely the Savages’ favorite holiday. Their house, by far the most decorated on the block, is done up to such a degree inside and out that their neighbors have dubbed them the Griswolds, after the classic holiday movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”So it stands to reason that a Christmas village — a staple of the holiday season — filled with tiny, rosy-cheeked, Dickensian figures moving about tiny ceramic buildings arranged just so on big swaths of fluffy batting would have a place in their home. Not quite.“I wanted to do something where people come in and go ‘Whoa,’ something fun to watch,” he said. “You can just set up a bunch of villages, then go ‘cute’ ya know?”When Savage set out to capture the essence of the holiday season in miniature, he wanted something more dynamic.The result is an impressive combination of whirling and swinging carnival rides, tiny food booths, shops and a dinosaur exhibit, surrounded by snowy trees, separated by light-lined cobblestone paths and wrapped with looming, snow-capped mountains. The scene fills a 4 1/2 -foot by 11-foot nook just off their living room. To take it all in at once is nearly impossible — there are just too many tiny details on every surface, too many little interactions going on between the people roaming the grounds. To see it all requires leaning in and looking closely, one interaction at a time.last_img read more