Verizon Galaxy Nexus finally has a release date

first_imgUpdate: It’s official: the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will launch tomorrow, December 15, for $299.With so many rumored release dates for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus having come and gone, it’s hard to get too excited when you hear a new one. But it looks like we may finally have something solid: multiple internal leaks are pointing to tomorrow, December 15, as the launch of the biggest Android phone of the year.The following leak from Costco’s internal pricing system shows a start date of December 15. Costco’s $289.99 price will be $10 less than the suggested retail price (the warehouse store will probably also have a case or other bonuses thrown in for that price):This internal Verizon screen also highlights tomorrow as the big day:Would Verizon launch the Galaxy Nexus without any advance notice? Of course it would; the carrier benefits at least as much from speculative blog coverage as it would from an official pre-release announcement. It hasn’t said anything official about the December 15 launch date, but it did confirm that the phone is still on track to be released this year. It promised to send a press release to announce availability, but that may not happen until the hour it hits store shelves.How much weight should you put in this release date? We’d say it’s the best bet yet. Retailers’ internal systems have shown previous release dates, but none were still showing those dates this close to the expected launch day.With that said, this is Verizon that we’re talking about. You can mark your calendar, but you might want to use a pencil.* Note that the top article image is a mockup.via Engadget and Android and Melast_img read more