Mitsubishi improves LCD TV color output with a red laser

first_imgImproving the color quality of the LCD TVs we all watch apparently requires the use of lasers. While RGB color lasers are already used in some read projection TVs, they are expensive. Mitsubishi has figured out a way to use just one laser therefore minimising the additional cost while still improving the color quality in consumer models.A 46-inch prototype unit has been created that uses red laser diodes and pairs it with cyan LEDs. While the laser takes care of producing red colors, the cyan LEDs manage both green and blue.The results can be seen in the image above which has the red laser output on the left. The other TV is Mitsubishi’s existing model already available on the market.Red was chosen as the color for the laser rather than green or blue as according to Mitsubishi it gave the best results in overall vividness. Using one LED for green and blue was also essential as apparently using separate ones caused the color to be uneven.Using this method Mitsubishi managed to increase the range of color possible on an LCD TV by 1.3 times, or 126% color gamut. All other aspects of the LCD TV stay the same including brightness and power consumption.Mitsubishi will begin selling the new laser TVs before the end of the year in Japan. No price has been set as of yet.Read more at Tech-On!last_img read more