It’s time that to stop the ongoing ‘Shadow Boxing’ – Part 2

first_imgThe decentralisation of the public sector undertakings including banks and mergers of various public sector banks that have taken place have become yet another source of apparent concern as is being mooted by the opposition parties. There are arguments and counter-arguments that are going on and now the subject seems to have taken the back seat. Although decentralisation is a policy that should improve efficiency within the public sector undertakings this cannot be considered as a panacea. Therefore trying to decentralise essential services like the railways; that is the lifeline of the nation; to the extent of near privatisation would be a disastrous move for the entire nation. Although critics and supporters of liberalisation might try to draw parallels with the metro services running in cities like Mumbai. Delhi, Jaipur, Prayagraj [Allahabad] and off course Kolkata. The railways cannot be decentralised beyond a few selected parameters viz. housekeeping and catering. The Government of India is at present trying to push the concept of deemed privatisation that is replete with dangers and future shocks. This is one of the reasons why the Communist Party of India and Communist Party of India [Marxist] have been opposing the moves of the centre as they have been able to perceive the real consequences of the moves taken.The gang-rape and murder in Hathras [Uttar Pradesh] has come as a flashpoint for the opposition to take advantage of especially the Indian National Congress who seems to be most interested in capturing the political limelight. There are a few news channels that have been endlessly making an issue out of the incident that no doubt was most unfortunate does not justify unrest and unwarranted shedding of crocodile tears. The state government in Uttar Pradesh stands responsible for the law and order situation within the state but by distorting the real picture and trying to prove that disciplinary actions taken against the police officials is on account of the unrest and protests made seems preposterous. This entire incident is being highlighted by the opposition parties and news channels in order to counter the political circus going on in Maharashtra against the Shiv Sena government. It’s time that the on-going shadow boxing in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh should stop and let both the state governments function in peace. It’s time that the cases concerning Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Salian’s unnatural deaths are left to the investigating authorities and the guilty are punished who belong to Bollywood. At the same time, those who are the perpetrator of the Hathras gang-rape too are tried and punished and preferably be awarded capital punishment.It’s time that the central and state governments understand the futility of indulging in unnecessary ‘shadow boxing’ and that too during this on-going pandemic. The opposition parties too act in a more mature and rational manner and try being more constructive and suggestive rather than adopting a critical approach. The time wasted in this sort of indulgence viz. ‘shadow boxing’ will only amplify or multiply the problems. Let the guilty be brought to the books and be punished. Besides a fact that must be understood that president’s or governor’s rule in any state is no solution or answer to any political problem, therefore, let the state governments; however anomalous the political alliance might be; should be allowed to function and complete their tenure in office. Any kind of attempt to dismiss the present state government in Maharashtra and having mid-term elections for the legislative assembly will only add to the expenses or costs that shall ultimately be realised from the pockets of the voter himself or herself.In other words, this will be wastage of public funds or money. The regional parties in India should not be viewed with any prejudice although their vision and acceptance would be limited but if they are able to do justice to the concerned state they should be allowed to run the government peacefully. There is also a need for the people of the nation to understand the relevance of news flyers that happen from time to time and cases like the unnatural death of Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Salian as well as the gang-rape in Hathras fall in this category. The howling crowds in Jantar Mantar protesting on the investigation being done on the Sushant Singh Rajput case and craving for the blood of Rhea Chakroborty seem to be like rebels without a cause and moreover the news channels giving unwarranted coverage are equally responsible for making this mockery of the case. The crowds themselves are perhaps not aware of the entire facts of the case but have been driven with an intoxication making it look like a festivity. This is not at all a desirable reaction expected from the nation’s youth. The people who are condemning Bollywood stars today must remember that drugs have been a part of the Bollywood parties since long and it is rather surprising that it is only now that the subject is being highlighted. There will be people who might object to the statement of referring to these cases as news flyers as the cases carry no real significance except for a matter of drawing room and party discussions. The core issues concerning the economy and gross domestic product [G.D.P.] and rising unemployment need to be given priority and be addressed at the earliest by the central government as well as state governments of the nation. The apprehensions so expressed by the Communists in India must be given a hearing as they are interested in the overall welfare and development of the economy as well as society.last_img read more