Chief caretaker Granger missed opportunity to unite country

first_imgDear Editor,Chief plenarist or chief caretaker, Mr Granger has plunged his PNC into being an illegal Government once again, as the PNC was during the rigged years of 1968-1992. Hoping they would be the change; how quickly all the goodwill and trust placed in the coalition has evaporated. The same way the PNC did not follow the Constitution and did not hold credible elections until 1992 when it lost, the PNC has done it again. For the first time, in 2015, the PNC was a barely legal Government. Now it has become illegal again.Mr Granger reminds me of the little boy with chocolate smeared all over his face who tells his Mommy, “I did not steal the chocolate chip cookies.” What really does Mr Granger mean when he says, “we are following the Constitution” when Cabinet has not resigned and elections have not been held 9 months after the Government was defeated? And he says silly things like this to the international community that he is following the Constitution!Granger has lost a good chance to work for national unity. Realising that it won the elections by one vote in Region Eight, (and there has not been a recount, and the PPP’s election petition was never heard), the chief caretaker should have made a deal with the PPP for a shared Government on a proportion basis, so that if and when it loses the next election, they do not lose everything. Instead of losing all the pie, it would have kept half of the pie if it entered into shared governance. Now the PNC stands to lose the whole pie when the PPP wins the new elections.PNC’s credibility continues to dip in geometric progressions the longer Mr Granger takes to announce elections. At some point, the national interest must matter more than the interests of the PNC party and its elite. The current political crisis has been created by the PNC and the PNC alone. It is Mr Granger’s Government that is refusing to follow the Constitution, not the PPP. Mr Jagdeo’s party has again stood up for democracy and the rule of law when the other parties are nowhere to be seen.It makes you wonder, with all the political and legal advisors they have, who really is advising the PNC as they go deeper and deeper down the hole.Sincerely,Jerry Singhlast_img read more