There are 3D holograms carved into The Force Awakens vinyl soundtrack

first_imgPrincess Leia wont be appearing asking for your help any time soon, but if you get your hands on The Force Awakens soundtrack on vinyl, you will get to bring a little Star Wars magic into your home. The soundtrack will not only feature all the incredible songs from the recent film, but this special edition has 3D holograms carved into them that yes, you’ll be able to see as they spin on your record player.This isn’t some new-fangled technology. The concept of Hand Drawn Holograms was made popular by William Beaty in the 90s. Then the idea was brought over to the computer aided world, where the designs were plotted using a vector program. Tristan Duke, at MIT took it a step further and developed a process that allowed for a hologram to be viewed, under the right light source, while the surface it was on was in motion.He first applied this to Jack White’s Lazaretto Ultra LP, which created a spinning angel. For Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you know it had to be something more hardcore. Side A shows a Tie Fighter, while Side B will get you the Millennium Falcon. It’s certainly been refined since White’s album, as both holograms show immense detail just like you would expect to see in A New Hope.It’s pretty easy to draw a basic 3D image on paper. You know, like that drawing of a cube you did as a kid. In the early stages of Hand Drawn, and Computer Drawn Holograms, there would be swinging aberrations based on the light source and surface – and where the person’s eye line was in relation to the object. Duke wanted to find a constant that would work in most circumstances, and also allow for a surface with motion.Duke formulated a calculation that would fix that aberration. Using a table-top surface, he calculated the circle’s radius, the illumination distance from above and reflection point form below, and predicted where the point of light would appear within the line of sight – thus creating a constant hologram that could be viewed even if the surface spun, such as a record.To make this work on a record, Duke etches his Hologrooves using those same grooves in a record that hold the sound, to also record light that creates the holographic image.It may be a nifty gimmick to get some audiophiles to pick up this record release, but as far as merging media, this is an art unto itself. The Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2 hologram vinyl drops on June 17.last_img read more