Unseen 64minute Steve Jobs interview from 1995 being remastered

first_imgThe past couple of weeks has seen the web filled with tributes to Steve Jobs who passed away on October 5th. With those tributes has been a lot of imagery and video from Jobs’ history, some of which has rarely been viewed before.There is one piece of footage that has never been seen before though, and was actually thought lost forever. It’s the full interview with Steve Jobs from 1995 when he was still running NeXT.Around about 10 minutes of the interview was used for the show Triumph of the Nerds, but few people know that around 64 minutes of interview was given by Jobs that day at NeXT headquarters in Redwood City. Why have we never seen the rest? Because the master tapes were lost when being shipped from London to Portland.The death of Jobs has seen many people looking through their own archives of tech history to see what they remember of his life and career. One of those people is Paul Sen, director of Triumph of the Nerds. Luckily for us, while searching through his garage in the UK he found a PAL-VHS copy of the full interview.Now VHS is not great quality, even if this copy was dubbed from a D1 master. However, work is now underway to bring it up to a quality where it can be viewed by all. It has been promised the interview will be released in its raw form and unedited, but exactly how that release will happen has not yet been decided. It may be free to watch on the web, or you may be paying a few dollars to get it.I don’t think anyone minds what format this takes as long as we get to watch the full interview of Jobs in a time before he was back at Apple.Here’s just one small part of that interview. What other gems hide away in the unseen footage?Read more at I, Cringelylast_img read more