Dani Alves: “Neymar just plays football, it’s others who provoke him”

first_img Alves was clear that the controversy against Colombia, which ended with Neymar being sent off, was an example of the opposition side “entering the game with an objective that is not to play football.”  22/06/2015 Dani Alves also defended Neymar’s decision to leave the team after it was decided there would be no appeal against his ban.  It’s not just Neymar, but also Brazil who have been made to pay, Alves opined: “We have lost our reference,” continued the man who is having an excellent Copa America. “He is our leader and he can unbalance the other team. Football’s much better without these incidents. The beauty of this sport in the great plays, the great players and the fans don’t come for controversy.”  He also complained that the sanction dished out to Neymar is not fair. “It’s too much for what he has done,” he added. “With another player there would not have been the same repercussions. Everyone can draw their own conclusions, but the ban is exaggerated because it is [Neymar].”  Better on holiday Dani Alves has been by Neymar’s side during his most difficult moment of the season, following the four game ban which leaves him out of Brazil’s Copa America bid. “I’ve told him to be quite and to learn from his mistakes,” Alves said in Santiago, Chile. “Because, in the end, the injured one in this situation is him.” center_img Neymar has been a victim of being targetted on the pitch, Alves went onto say: “Ney only wants to play football, not to kick anyone,” the Barcelona right-back continued. “He does nothing, he’s a player who gets kicked around. Other players try to provoke him and in the end they managed it.”  Upd. on 22/11/2016 at 03:06 CET Joaquim Piera Thiago Silva agreed with Alves: “Neymar has to go on holiday and enjoy a rest. Life throws up these situations and you have to take them on.” “It would be selfish on our part to keep him in Chile without playing. We are all humans and we have feelings, even if people sometimes think that is not the case with football players,” the Barça defender said. “It’s better that he begins his holidays, relaxes in his head so that he can be our reference again in the future.” last_img