Senseless action By Minister Tabitha Sarboo Halley

first_imgDear Editor,I am emotionally touched to read an article that was published in your daily newspaper, dated, Monday June 03 2019 under the theme’ New Minister sends personnel department, accountant packing’.Editor, in a country where unemployment is over 40 % and is rampant in all administrative regions, it is shocking to know that our honorable minister takes such a drastic step without thinking by removing the daily bread from the tables of those fired employees.Some of them dedicated over 15 years of their lives serving the Government and people of Guyana in the different positions that they were occupying. As much, as I admire the minister for her good deeds and approachable lifestyle, such an action will cause the fall of her Government in the next General Elections.Editor, over 7000 sugar workers were fired and tossed to a life of poverty by this Government without no proper systems in place for future employment and another 2000 Amerindian community support officers were fired and now this Minister is sending her staff packing without no valid and proper reasons for her actions.And to crown it all, she had the employees escorted by police out of the building as if they were criminals, I could feel the emotion and sorrow from that fiasco. This is victimization to its fullest and should never be tolerated in this country.Editor, this Government should be highly focusing on providing employment and seeking ways of how the unemployed population of Guyana can be able to gain useful skills and knowledge in order to acquire employment but instead they are contributing to the high level of unemployment that is sweeping the entire country like a wildfire.Editor, the entire country are already feeling the hardships of life, increase in criminal activities, the high level of domestic violence and a decreasing economy are just a few elements that is bleeding our country to its death. Our honorable Minister needs to reconsider the impact of the actions that she has taken and make it right. Reinstate the fired employees and much less apologies for her drastic and senseless action that she has taken. You cannot make a quick judgment and solution from information that you have gathered from files, it take steps and there is a process or procedure in getting things done.I am hereby calling on our commander in chief of the Armed forces of Guyana and or our president of this beautiful country to intervene and reinstate the workers, provide a thorough guidance and council to your ministers so they won’t be making very stupid and senseless acts just because of their high positions that they are designated.Yours Respectfully,Robin JosephCouncilor, WaramuriVillagelast_img