Aggressive Coyote Campaign Ongoing

first_imgThe Department of Natural Resources is continuing ongoing efforts to protect Nova Scotians by reducing aggressive coyote behaviour and urges the public to remain vigilant. A department forest technician shot and removed a coyote from the Oyster Pond Academy School grounds in Halifax Regional Municipality on Thursday, Sept. 16. Department officials were informed the coyote had been lingering around the school and determined shooting the animal was the safest and most efficient option to protect students and teachers. Trapping coyotes is often very challenging and time consuming. “This latest incident should serve as a reminder that some coyotes in Nova Scotia seem to have lost their fear of humans and we have to be prepared when they approach,” said John MacDonell, Minister of Natural Resources. “The number one concern of this department is the safety of Nova Scotians, especially children, and we will continue to roll out our plan to deal with aggressive coyotes through initiatives such as education and our pelt incentive program. Of course, we will also continue to remove aggressive and nuisance coyotes as necessary. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were notified and department officials ensured all students and teachers were inside. This is the 11th nuisance coyote department officials have removed since government increased efforts to reduce aggressive coyote behaviour in April. Nova Scotians are reminded of the following safety tips: To prevent coyotes from becoming less fearful of people, do not place food sources such as garbage, compost, and pet foods outside. If you encounter a coyote, slowly back away while remaining calm. Running actually increases the likelihood that the animal may become aggressive. If a coyote exhibits aggressive behaviour, try to appear larger, make noise or throw sticks and rocks. When exercising your dog, always use a leash and try to walk in areas of high pedestrian traffic. To report a nuisance coyote, a listing of Department of Natural Resources offices is available at: or phone 1-800-565-2224last_img