BBB shares tips to help find the right health care provider

first_imgWhen health care is a business, how do you know who to trust?The Better Business Bureau wants to help answer that question. The Southern Alberta and East Kootenay branch is out with tips and tricks to make sure your New Year’s health care goals are synced with the fresh new calendar.Ask for credentials: Leah Brownridge, Media and Corporate Communications Specialist with the BBB, confirmed some health care practitioners are required to be registered members with certain organizations.“For example: Dentists,” she said, “they are required to be with the Alberta Dental Association and College, so you want to ask for that certification.” Brownridge said it is usually displayed somewhere in the office, but should be produced when requested.Budget accordingly: determine the cost of service, find out how much is covered by Alberta Health, and by your employer or private health insurance plan. “Routine things like doctor’s visits, medically required surgery and even some consultations,” Brownridge said are covered under provincial plans. Individual benefits vary, but should be considered, too.Ask around, but be realistic: “Of course ask your family and friends,” she said, “maybe they can recommend someone.” But, make sure the office location is a realistic distance from home or work, hours fit with your schedule, and appreciate that “one person’s experience with a health care practitioner is not going to mean that it’s going to be the same for you.”Other items to consider include going for a consultation, thinking about accessibility, and asking the hard questions, even some that you might feel embarrassed to ask about. If you’re not satisfied with service, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If the complaint is against an individual practitioner, file it with that practitioner’s governing health body.Visit the Better Business Bureau website for more information.last_img