My Way Matinee a hit for kids

first_imgThe unwritten rules of movie-going that Alice Worster had come to know — don’t talk above a whisper and sit still — were ignored during a Saturday screening of “Gnomeo and Juliet” at the Regal Cinemas theater in Cascade Park.Dayna and Ken Worster didn’t draw sideways glances as 5-year-old Alice bounced from her chair to greet her late-arriving grandma or asked questions about the romantic goings-on of a pair of star-crossed garden gnomes. “For her to go and be herself, it was nice,” Dayna Worster said after the movie.Parents and children, many of whom have varying levels of sensory processing disorder, were treated to what Regal calls a “My Way Matinee,” a film showing characterized by lower volume, dim rather than no lighting, and understanding of occasional yelps and screams, even tantrums.Alice suffers from epilepsy and attention deficit hyperactive disorder. She struggles with extreme darkness, sleeping at her family’s Rose Village neighborhood home with a lamp on in her room and a trickle of light from another in the living room. Movie theaters, typically, are too dark and restrictive for her. But not on Saturday. “This is the first time we’ve been able to all go to a movie since she was 3,” Dayna Worster said.The Worsters were among about 200 people who packed into a theater at 10 a.m. Saturday for a modern interpretation of the William Shakespeare classic. There was a hum of chatter throughout the film and that was OK.last_img