Comrade Webmaster what did you do for the nternet

is dead, I am a person in front of the computer, I knock the intention to write their own blog.

from 2000 to see first with the mouse DOS computer system, to 2002 to see the first color screen of the computer, and then to 2003 website, now eight years old, a look back, MD, contact contact computer network for so many years, what I have done? < / p>

the first stop I did was actually a BBS community, our campus forum. Small forum through a few months posters and development, registered users broke through thousands of people, the number of online also maintained at about 50 people. I did not know what IP, PV, PR, just because the kind of happy and happiness within the atmosphere of the forum, just because of love, and I do not know how to use the Internet to make money, just blindly development development (I was innocent…… ). Do my second year forum, I wait until the fourth year forum, the number of more than 3000 people, at the time of our school is an influential campus BBS, it is a pity that I still like 03 years of "pure", until one day received Beijing Daqi friend sent me a message, tell me for advertising, in my forum monthly payment, 300 yuan a month, and at once and I signed a one-year advertising contract. This is my first three years since the site of the income, and that paper contract seems to me as a stand for three years of return, accompanied me out of the campus.

like most campus BBS, with the graduation of the webmaster, BBS will be yellow, and my is no exception. Some people say that the station owners look at their own, just like their children, the forum closed the moment I really feel. But just a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum "BBS, in addition to what I do as a pleasurable occupation,? Three years, I just try to raise popularity, just try to bring everyone to post…… What have I done,


campus forum died after a long time, I did not plan to do the station, although later know the outdated and Admin5, always look at paste, but also on their own computer to test all kinds of CMS. Until last year was low, according to their own work content, with DEDECMS established a small industry station, is also a whim. I collect articles about the industry from the Internet, classify them separately, and correct (sometimes intentionally, some people call this behavior "SEO"), some titles and content, and then publish them to my small station. I was really careful, and really quickly got paid back, small station day IP amount quickly reached 100, and then 200, but in any case it can not rise to 300, ha ha, small industry is small industry. Site 10 months, and finally stable in 200-300IP, but this is only a little IP, every day can bring me about 5 knives income, small industry station, of course, can only live a small life.

maybe I’m just an ordinary little Internet user in the future, maybe I’ll be in the future