Being a garbage station is a good domain name that makes you look free

The so-called

station perhaps in the eyes of different people have different positioning, some of the interface called unsightly garbage station, someone put the copy and paste called trash… Etc… so I can not be generalized, referred to here is the station by advertising alliance, there is no unique the profit model of the website is called "dump", in fact, sometimes "junk" is not really rubbish, as long as you can make money on the line, after all, a grassroots webmaster is not the so-called team compared, a person’s energy is limited, after all, in my eyes now most of the webmaster do the site is called "dump" is not really the most. Today’s heartbreak is about the relationship between garbage sites and domain names. A good domain name, even a garbage dump, makes you garbage different.

don’t know if you still on at the end of last year at the beginning of this year’s Zhao Benshan big brother took what Mr. Kanto understand, I don’t have registered a Mr. Kanto spelling CN was thinking of a domain name, domain name space, money should still be able to earn it back but think quickly into the keyword Baidu second (the first is Baidu video) then fire helpless and this drama is not to imagine, at the most is the more than 30000 index only lasted a few days, the space also does to earn back the money, but soon the index have not much, because had not had on this site what is the long-term development goals, want to earn money by a domain name this short flow only, if you do a good job of more than one domain. The heat, money… Go, is no longer the site management, domain The name is now due.

today my casual search on the Internet about your own domain name, did not expect to have their own web site at N place, even Baidu know (I never know in publicity) looked carefully, is a different user to answer, when someone asks Mr. Kanto movie or where to look in where to download, some netizens said in the station, from here you can see, some people have put this website as the official website, if this number is not a small enough source of traffic, because the site do too much garbage, online watch Youku also from the above call, because how do the artists, that page is not beautiful, do not like the official website where I want to look, can cause the illusion, not just because of the domain name, web site. Is this TV play spelling.

is more than the individual online screenshots, here I want to say is to do a good website needs a good domain name, do the dumpster also need a good domain name, a good domain name can let you in is not so many "garbage dump", if your site optimization technique is very powerful then, of course, the details of the thing of course is not needed, but Baidu’s first page location is always limited. But the good domain name is not the so-called Quanpin, of course there are a lot of words, word can be extended on your web site to help bring the domain name is the good domain name. (text >