How to teach you three indexed by DMOZ

1, DMOZ (ODP) simplified Chinese directory, the lack of editorial staff.

currently DMOZ (ODP) Chinese Simplified directory, many categories do not have an editor, I manage the blog personal directory before there is no editor, resulting in the accumulation of a large number of not yet addressed web site. Not if there is superior editor, but you should know, the workload is very large, I do know my editor, my blog management person "this directory has occupied most of my time on the internet. Because we definitely want to browse the author’s website and see if it doesn’t meet the requirements. All editors are duty bound to maintain DMOZ (ODP) and use their spare time as an editor. It takes time.

2, submit the website does not meet the requirements.

if submitted web site does not meet the requirements of the submitted directory, of course, will not be included in the DMOZ (ODP). This refers to the web sites that submit directory pairs. If you submit to the directory for your website, the website editor will be transferred to the appropriate directory by the directory editor, does not delete your submission, if not the directory editor, back to the first point, then still need time.

3, submitted when filling in the website description is inaccurate.

although your website content meets the requirements, but when submitting the web site description is inaccurate, that is, you can not clearly describe what your website content is. Good description should be to see the site instructions, the heart of your web site has a general understanding, after browsing really as the website explained. Ambiguous, tedious, excessive use of adjectives are popular description. Because your site that if does not conform to "keep clear and simple principle", the editor will need to browse your site with, find suitable words to describe your site, your site can be included into the DMOZ (ODP), were included in this invisible longer.

I believe that my friend’s daily stock market is so easy to be included.

so, if you want to be included in the shortest possible time by DMOZ (ODP), I strongly recommend that you do the following:

1, must pay attention to your site description. If your Blog content is messy, then choose your major you often write Blog, brief and clear language to describe these, do the preparatory work that the use of time is also very worthy of the so-called "brothers do not misuse chop wood work".

2, submit to the directory that belongs to your site type. If you are unsure or unable to find this directory, you can search for some key words in DMOZ and see which directory is in it.

3, contact the directory editor you submitted to. The editor’s page link address is below the submission directory page and can be sent to him on the editor’s information page