An old programmer, a new webmaster’s speech

I left college for four years in 2003, signed up for a small state-owned enterprise and worked as a programmer. Blink of an eye there for 5 years, during which China’s Internet non-stop development of high-speed five years. At the end of 2008, the contract expires, see the vigorous development of the Internet, look at your wallet and a bleak future atrophy, the heart is very sad, I decided to resign, to seek development.

so I became the legendary SOHO gens.

resigned and fired the boss. He was in a good mood, but what was he going to do when he resigned? I didn’t think about it. At that time, just want to temporarily rest years ago at home, recharge, years later to find a new job, to nine to five, after all, in most people’s eyes, this is the right path, of course, the webmaster A5 certainly a contemptuous disregard of the idea, but this was on my mind. After the resignation of the dark days, suddenly do not have to get up early to work, the point of sleep is difficult to guarantee, and often stay up late at night to 2, 3 (learning, writing procedures)…… ), then sleep till the second day noon, eat dinner after getting up, then turn on the computer will be made to stay, to practice the afternoon, evening and then stay up late…… Soon to end in 2008, one day suddenly filled with wisdom: even to find a job, money is still uncertain, it is better to be a webmaster.

has been engaged in the Internet industry, know that standing can make money, but also want to do stand, make money, but also done stand, but unfortunately – none of the money. Maybe it was the programmer thinking way limit, finish after the station always politely waiting for Baidu, Google and other big included, slowly accumulated flow, never thought about how to push yourself to the active site, it is very ashamed. It seems the programmer’s thinking in general: cause infinite harm to people, than rigorous, less flexible. It may not be easy for a programmer to change careers as a webmaster, at least for me.

used to have idle domain name, will do a movie station, station soon will do well, then take to a friend, coincidentally, he also did a movie station, and doing well, he told me about his movie station promotion experience, and to show the his income, jealous, what said my blood and never thought that there are so many other stations do, there is such a good money". This talk more firmly I do webmaster faith, do it, people can do well, I can do well.

blood after need to calm thinking: how to promote? How to choose advertising? How to draw lessons from others? How to do? Of course is learning Admin5, we share so much experience, there is always something I need. So will Admin5 on the film website promotion article all carefully read it again, and the good article collections down. It is the experience of others of others, can not directly copy, only the reference, but you see the article mentioned promotion result is really envious, what time I can do flow.